Expand Your Working Capital With Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing with Diamond Commercial Group is an excellent alternative to a traditional bank loan when your business needs working capital. Financing receivables is fast and simple. Instead of waiting for bank approval, your business can sell open invoices and access cash in a matter of days. We collect the total on your invoices as repayment.

Financing Without Waiting for Bank Approval

Traditional bank loans require complicated applications and a lengthy approval process to examine your company’s credit history. Financing your open invoices with Diamond Commercial Group is a quicker and easier process:

  • Approval is based on the credit history of your customers, not you.
  • Application and approval is a matter of days, unlike the weeks and months it may take for a bank loan.
  • Your business can access money as fast as 24 hours after approval.
  • There are no future fixed payments for you to budget.
  • We are responsible for collecting payment from your customers; you are not penalized if a customer is late or doesn’t pay.

Financing for Any Business Need

Accounts receivable financing with Diamond Commercial Group gets you the cash you need for payroll, materials or equipment. You can cover costs before a large payment is expected or use your larger working capital to invest in your company’s goals for expansion. Whatever your business need, we can help you find the funding for it quickly and easily.

Contact Diamond Commercial Group today to get a no-cost analysis and learn how we can provide you with the capital you need.